Below is a list of the staff

  • Rev. Sarah Bigwood 
    Rev. Sarah Bigwood 



    February 6, 2019


    Dear Members of THE FIRST Presbyterian Church,


    It is a pleasure to introduce myself to you. It’s been three years since I was ordained to the office of Word and Sacrament in the Presbyterian Church (USA). My spiritual gifts include pastoral care, teaching, visioning, and creating healthy vibrant communities. I love people and it shows. I have fun when I work. I am creative and organized. I am passionate about the scriptures.


    I have an extensive background (20+ years) working with children and youth and a significant commitment to cross-cultural ministries. My leadership style is collaborative and comes from a deep belief that God has called us into community so that we may serve and be served by one another.


    My first career was as a software engineer. Analytical skills come in handy for evaluating programs, balancing budgets and strategizing for the future. I'm also good with computers and most things technical.


    Next week, my husband, Tom, and I will celebrate our 19th anniversary. Tom is compassionate, funny and he is a voracious reader. At work, he manages a team of software developers for SAP Software Solutions. We have two lovely children, Robert (13) and Kate (12). Robert loves reading, playing the violin and all kinds of video games. Kate is creative, loves to sing and enjoys performing in the theater. Two dogs complete our household; Nube (corgi) and Emmett (beagle).


    Over the past few months, I've had many conversations with your PNC and other members of the church and I am struck by the humility with which everyone is talking about the future. There is genuine interest in what God might be doing with THE FIRST Presbyterian Church family. That humility, coupled with a lot of laughter, helped my family feel that answering the call to become your next pastor will be a great adventure for us all.


    May the historic implications of your vote this Sunday and the relationships we form in the months and years ahead, serve to glorify and honor God. And, may God continue to bless the mission and ministry of THE FIRST Presbyterian Church and her people.


    Yours In Christ,

    Rev. Sarah M. Bigwood

  • Shelley Bennett 

    Administrative Assistant
    631-283-1296 ext 101

    Shelley has been with us at First Presbyterian since October 4, 1999.  She enjoys working here and also singing in the Chancel Choir and ringing in the Handbell Choir. Volunteers with the Meals-on-Wings program, Fellowship Committee and is co-moderator of the Board of Deacons.

  • Terry Stubelek 

    Director of Christian Education

    Terry is our Director of Christian Education and has many years experience teaching children at the Elementary level in Southampton School District.

  • Kelly D'Angelo 

    Youth Director



  • Marge Squires 

    Financial Secretary

  • Katherine Mades 

    Choir Director

  • Kim Makowski 


  • Midge Fowler 

    Handbell Director