The Board of Deacons meet the 1st Wednesday of each month at 6:00pm in the Founders' Room.

The Board of Deacons consists of fifteen Deacons who are responsible for ministries of compassion and service.  Proceeds from fund-raisers assist people in need, provide college scholarships, ands assist the youth program.  They also host special annual events such as the Deacons' Auction, Rally Day Picnic, Harvest Home Food Collection, and Sunday School Picnic.  The board members are:  Adriane Barone, Shelley Bennett, Gail Blenk, Karla Hawke-Brantuk, Jim Corwith,  Mollie Duggal, Kathy Grodski, Aaron Halsey,  Laura Hildreth, Christopher Kline, Patrick Kline, David Raynor, Mark Raynor, Denise Simpson, and Lori White.